Autorise : Surface Mounted DROP SEAL
For the Bottom of the External Doors
  • Autorise Drop Seals are well accepted in most of the areas where the problem of Dust, Insects, Rain Water, Leaves, Rodents, A/C Loss etc is omnipresent. At every door where the installation of scrappers or any fixed seals is not possible - THIS IS AN IDEAL SEAL.
  • Tried and tested from the last 15 years in India.
  • Manufactured from durable aluminium, super grade flexible seal, stainless steel springs.
  • Absolutely no restriction to the floor.
  • Can be used anywhere, completely safe for all pedestrians.
  • Equally effective on internal or external Doors - on inward or outward opening doors.
  • The unique action provides a lift of around 16 mm to clear the floor covering.
  • As the door is opened, the hinged flap rises to clear the threshold and tilts down to form a positive weather proof cushion when the door is closed.
  • Available in variety of finishes & sizes.
Single and double, butt Hinged doors.
Max Gap
25 mm
Available Size
15" to 48” . (Custom sizes can be made and supplied.)
Clear Anodized / Powder coated white / Brown
Fixing Method
Screws supplied with every seal.
Seal Material
Special flexible PVC Profile.
Adjustment of the profile is being done by rotating the Black adjustment round block - which is installed on the Door Frame.