CATS : Concealed Automatic Threshold Seals
For the Bottom of the Doors
All CATS / DROP SEALS consists of aluminium casing which surrounds a movable drop bar seal. This bar is actuated by a plunger, which contacts the frame of the door while closing - forcing the drop bar to seal against the floor or threshold. Their low closing force actuation does not allow it to conflict with the operation of door closer operation. Installation is quick and easy. Their symmetrical case provides even flush mounting in case of CATS - 4
Available in sizes from 450 mm to 2500 mm ( any size made to order ).
In other words - These drop seals are concealed under the door by making a grove. They lift themselves as soon as the door is opened by few millimeters & come down and seal the gap as and when the door is closed.
They operate automatically once the black button (adjusting screw) comes in contact with the door frame.
They can also be fitted into the bottom rail of a Timber, Steel, Aluminium or Composite Doors by the fabricator. These seals have been tested for their durability for more than 5,00,000 times, without failure.
CATS 1 & 2
Single and double, but Hinged doors.
Min/Max Gap
3mm / 14mm
Seal Size
9" to 2.5 METERS . (Custom sizes can be made and supplied.)
Clear Anodized Finish
Fixing Method
Concealed, with supporting Side Clamps / Screws supplied with every seal.
Seal Material
PVC (Black) or Silicon
Adjustment Screw is provided in every profile for adjusting the movement of the lower portion of the seal.
General Applications of CATS :
  • For exclusion of Dust, Draught, Moisture, Insects, Smoke, Fumes, Light, Sound etc.
  • All exterior doors of Shops, Commercial Offices, Banks, Public Buildings, Hospitals, etc.
  • Hotel / Motel rooms guest room doors , interconnecting doors, Consulting rooms, Board rooms, Surgeries - Operation Theaters, Management Offices, BPO’s, Factories / Shop floors, Engineering Tool rooms Computer Rooms, Hub Rooms, Electrical Control Rooms
  • Plant /Boiler / Lift and Pump Rooms * Clean Rooms, Interlocking Doors and Laboratories
  • Class rooms and Libraries * Photographic and Dark rooms * Art and Theater / Drama Studios
  • Sports Rooms and Gymnasiums. Museums * Cool / chiller rooms, etc. Best installation are with Threshold Plates.
Proper sealing of doors involve more than one profile. This is a Widely Accepted Combinations of seal.