Polypile Self Stick Seal
Seal Code: ES–PP
For all kinds of doors.
  • Self Adhesive Polypropylene Seal for bonding to any clean and Dry surface. Unaffected by moisture and temperature
  • Allows sliding surface to move freely.
  • Multi-purpose strip designed to fill gaps and stop rattles.
  • Available in roll form of 5 meters to 300 meters.
  • Colour black
Single leaf hinge door
  • single side openable.
  • Install on the three sides of frame.
Double leaf hinge door
  • Single side openable
  • Install polypile on the three sides of frame & on the central meeting stile.
Floor Hinge Type
  • Two way openable, double leaf door.
  • Install polypile on the two sides of frame & on the central meeting stile of one door.


Sliding Door / Windows - even on the plain glass showroom windows
Sliding & Floding Door
  • Install Polypile on one side of every door panel.
They are also Good for Z section steel windows.