Rain Water Seals
Seal Code: ES–RWS
For the bottom of external doors and windows

This strip has been designed to restrict the rodents like lizards, snakes, scorpions, rats, etc. to enter the room thrue the bottom of the door because of the wider gaps, that exist between the bottom of the door and the floor.


(Elite Holder)
Powder coated brown / white aluminium strip or anodized aluminium shade
Special grade black polypile bristles.
3 feet, 1 meter & 4 feet - till 12 feet lengths.
Min/Max Gap
25 MM
Seal Code: ES–RWDSRain Water Drip Seal
Slots are provided in the profile for screwing it at the bottom of the door from the side, (Preferably outside). The aluminium profile can be cut to the width of the door with the help of Hacksaw blade & Black PVC Profile can be cut by any sharp edged Blade. Screws for fixing are provided with this strip.
Above the doors / windows.
Single swing, double swing, sliding, etc.
1m and 2.25m
Appropriate fixing screws are provided, fixing holes are not pre drilled, allows an overlap of 75 mm each side of door/ window opening
Perfect Canopy for outward or
inward opening Doors / Windows
Seal Code: ES–RWCS