Elite Scrapper Strips - Door Sweep
Seal Code: ES–ESS
For External, Balcony & Bathroom Doors
SS-20 & SS-41 Scrapper Strips have been designed to take care of water problem that arise due to the gaps, that exists between the bottom of the door and the floor, which allows the rain water or the water that splashes on the door and try to enter to the other side through. For example outward opening balcony doors or bathroom doors.
Colour (Alum. Holder)
in brown / white / anodised aluminium shade with black cover strip
Special grade Black PVC extruded profile.
3 feet, 1 meter & 4 feet
Min/Max Gap
25mm / 45 mm
Water, dust, insects, light, noise, fumes etc.
Fixing Method
Slots in the profile are provided for screwing it at the bottom of the door from the side, (Preferably outside). The aluminum profile can be cut to the width of the door with the help of Hacksaw blade & Black PVC Profile can be cut by any sharp edged Blade. Screws for fixing are provided with this strip.