Seal Code: ES–TG
For fixing glass in Wooden Windows & Doors
Must for every door and window with glass panel
Features :
Installation of Timberglaze is must on both the sides of the glass to avoid water penetration in case of heavy rains.
  • Timberglaze is a closed cell Black Colour, EPDM seal.
  • It’s a proven, durable and long life profile.
  • Being adhesive backed, it ensures fast and simple installation in fixing glass in timber doors / windows.
  • Resistence to UV light and weather within a wide temperature range.
  • Unaffected by normal applications of paints & Polishes .
  • Prevent : AC Leakages, Dust, Rain Water, Vibration, etc.
Between the Glass and the wooden frame / beading.
Seal material
Closed Cell EPDM ( Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer ) Black Profile.
Available in 100 meter rolls.
Integral double sided adhesive tape.
Timberglaze : must be installed
on both sides of the glass